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CNCRacing Clutch-Guard Race - Clutch lever protection

CNCRacing Clutch-Guard Race - Clutch lever protection


CLUTCH-GUARD RACE the new lever protection system designed for both road and racing bikes. Developed in cooperation with the best GP and Superbike teams, an innovative and practical product that combines safety without forgetting design and production quality.

The safety made possible by the plastic bracket protecting the contact of the lever from obstacles that might cause disastrous falls.

Clutch-Guard protection design is the fruit of two years' studies, above all from an aerodynamic point of view: a sleek line without any type of air front pressure guarantees clean driving without any interference. The product quality and style is characterized by the best materials in circulation, thanks to an in-depth study of the plastic materials that has allowed us to identify a polymer capable of being flexible up to a certain safety point and shearable once it reaches its maximum elasticity, so as to prevent any contact with the lever.

If present, OEM hand-guards must be removed before setting our Clutch-Guard

  • PL200B PL200G PL200R PL200S

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